Quitting a job takes courage, and involves a great deal of risk as well. There is always a chance that your new venture might not work out and there is an even greater chance that you start missing your office life as soon as you quit your job. And that is what happened with Nupur Dave, a woman hailing from Bengaluru who had been working with Google for 11 years in the US. However, she quit her job in hopes of taking an early retirement but regretted her decision shortly after. A

In 2022, at the age of 40, Nupur decided to opt for early retirement after spending 11 years of working at Google in the US. She was earning about Rs 82 lakh a year and was based out of the San Francisco office.

Initially confident about her choice, Nupur soon found herself regretting the decision just two days after quitting, as per Business Insider. Despite financial security, the loneliness of retirement hit her hard, realizing she needed social interactions.

While speaking to Business Insider, Nupur described how she “cried her eyes out” after realizing how much interacting with her colleagues meant to her. A

“By Monday evening, I was just bawling,” she said and added, “I was crying my eyes out because I realized that I need to be with people.”

Nupur had envisioned post-retirement plans, including writing her third book and networking at co-working spaces. However, her first day at a co-working space was disheartening, finding it completely empty. She struggled to connect with others and felt uninspired by the physical surroundings, she told the publication.

Faced with the challenges of early retirement, Dave decided to move back to India and became a part of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community. She highlighted the feasibility of Firing in India, emphasizing the ability to maintain a life of luxury.

Despite leaving the corporate world initially, Dave re-entered it with a role as the head of special projects at an electric vehicle infrastructure firm in Bengaluru. Her new goals shifted from building a career or amassing wealth to creating a predictable routine and daily interactions.

Dave shared her current focus on corporate life with different goals with Business Insider. While still part of the corporate world, her primary aim, she said, is to establish a predictable routine and connect with people daily. She also emphasized the importance of social interactions in her rediscovered journey.