During a recent episode of Bill Gates’ podcast, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, provided fascinating insights into the future plans of the company. One of the topics that came up was whether OpenAI would venture into building robots.

Altman explained that while OpenAI’s primary focus is on artificial general intelligence (AGI) and developing advanced language models like ChatGPT, they do have a broader mission to ensure that AGI benefits all of humanity. This mission could potentially involve building physical systems, including robots, that can interact with the world.

However, Altman emphasized that OpenAI’s approach to building robots would be different from traditional robotics companies. Instead of aiming to create specialized robots for specific tasks, OpenAI’s goal would be to develop robots that are capable of general-purpose intelligence and can learn from their interactions with the environment.

Altman acknowledged the challenges involved in building such robots and highlighted the need for significant advancements in both hardware and software capabilities. He also mentioned that OpenAI is actively collaborating with other organizations to accelerate progress in this area.

While Altman’s comments revealed OpenAI’s interest in exploring the possibilities of building robots, he made it clear that the company’s immediate focus remains on improving language models and advancing AGI. The development of robots is seen as a potential avenue to further their mission of ensuring the safe and beneficial deployment of AGI.

In conclusion, while OpenAI’s primary focus is on language models like ChatGPT, the company is considering the development of robots as part of their broader mission. Altman’s insights shed light on OpenAI’s approach to building robots and the challenges they anticipate in achieving general-purpose intelligence in physical systems.