1. LimeChat partners with Microsoft to launch AI chatbot

LimeChat, in collaboration with Microsoft, today announced the release of an advanced AI-powered chatbot. Bolstering support solutions, the AI chatbot aims to provide an enhanced, efficient, secure, and personalized customer service experience, according to the release. It provides tailored chat automation, harnessing Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Nikhil Gupta, Founder, LimeChat said, ?Partnering with Microsoft elevates customer support standards. By harnessing Microsoft Azure’s retrieval algorithms, embedding models, and LLMs, we’re transforming customer interactions significantly.?

2. DaveAI launches Generative AI Explorer

Sales experience platform DaveAI announced the launch of an AI program called Generative AI Explorer on Wednesday, in a partnership with Harley-Davidson. It is designed to transform how customers interact with their newly launched Harley Davidson X4 40, as per the release. This technology allows users to visualize their purchased bikes in high-quality, realistic environments. Sriram PH, CEO at DaveAI said, ?We are thrilled to unveil a cutting-edge feature in our AI-powered LLM middleware that revolutionizes the customer journey in the motorbike industry.?

3. Mahindra scraps AI-generated influencer

Just a day after unveiling an AI-generated influencer called Ava, the Mahindra Formula E team scrapped its plans on Thursday. As per a Reuters report, Mahindra drew criticism on social media with one user saying, ?So many available, talented women out in the real world who eat, breathe, and sleep motorsport … and yet we are supposed to cheer for AI.? Announcing this move, Frederic Bertrand, Team Principal wrote on X, ?Your comments hold tremendous value. We have listened, understood, and decided to discontinue the project.?

4. Need infrastructure for sovereign AI in India, says Nvidia VP

Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Nvidia Global Field Operations on Thursday said that there is a critical need for infrastructure for sovereign AI in India. During his address in Gandhinagar, he said, ?We have two specific initiatives. One is that infrastructure needs to be built for sovereign AI in India. So, we are working with all the big business houses. That will create the infrastructure hardware and software for sovereign generative AI in India.?

5. Kinaxis unveils AI-powered innovations

Supply chain management Kinaxis announced new AI and ML-powered innovations on Thursday. In a release, Kinaxis introduced Demand.AI innovations, machine-learning-based models tailored to the scale and complexity of retailers. The AI innovations can help understand the internal and external factors that affect product demand better, maximizing revenue opportunities and proactively resolving risks.